Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mammy's Day Almond and Raspberry Cake

It has been all quiet on the baking front in these here parts, due mainly to the upcoming thesis submission that is ruining my life taking up a lot of my time! I decided to take some time away from using my pretty little head, and bake something pretty and pink instead. This cake is so odd! My Mum loves almond flavouring and raspberries, so I invented a concoction to combine the two in a hopefully not disgusting way! The sponge is super light and filled with eggs (whites only, no racial overtones), ground almonds and icing sugar (yep, icing sugar in a sponge. I know. Where do I get it?). The filling is my usual buttercream, but this time with a punnet of fresh rasperries lashed in for the laugh like. Fingers crossed it tastes somewhat decent, it looks pretty yummy I must say! <3


  1. Oh sweet Mother (pun intended!), this looks divine! How did it turn out? Any chance of the recipe?!

  2. Hiya, thanks! The sponge was this recipe from BBC Food:

    then for the icing i just made normal buttercream with icing sugar and butter, and added vanilla extract and almond extract to taste. then I threw in a load of rasperries into the food mixer with the icing (nearly the full punnet) and saved the rest of the raspberries to decorate! It was nice, but very very almondy, so not the most versatile cake :)